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Deadworld: Restoration 1 is out

Deadworld Restoration #1 shipped at the beginning the January and the five issue series will ship monthly so look for the second issue at the beginning of January.

Here's some review blurbs on it.  Plus some podcasts. 

"Gary Reed does an amazing job on the writing, but of course that is to be expected. What I though was genius about this particular issue was how he re-introduced the cast, with their back story, and at the same time was able to move forward to setup this new chapter. The art by Sami Makkonen is GORE-Geous. His style is so perfect for this series, as it really depicts the dark and dirty world this cast lives in."---Horror Comic Roundup.

"This comic really rewrites the genre and gives it a breath of fresh air..."---Unleash the Fanboy

 "...anyone who is into the zombie genre for the sake of great and intelligent storytelling rather than just brains and guts will find something to love in this book."---Comic Bastards.

"Reed shows his characters dealing not only with the undead, but also the inhumanity that now arises within humanity. Besides developing the human side of the characters, he also sets up for some great, gritty and gory scenes horror comics fans will love. Makkonens artistic style is a perfect complement to Reeds story. His sweeping tones and style lend themselves well in creating the eerie, dark, and brooding mood of the book."---Comic Monsters.com

"The short and skinny is that this issue was a great place to pick up a big series, and it has creepy and atmospheric to spare."---Geek Scene

"...an intriguing story line and twist on the standard zombie apocalypse."---Mighty Ink