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Deadworld: The Last Siesta

An Original Graphic Novel  


Best Original Graphic Novel - Decapitated Dan's Best of 2011 
Winner- Mark Bloodworth, Best Inker - Ghastly Awards  
Nominated for Best Original Graphic Novel  - Ghastly Awards 
Nominated for Best Original Graphic Novel - ComicMonsters.com 
Mark Bloodworth, Artist - Nominated Best Inker - ComicMonsters.com

Reviews on Deadworld: The Last Siesta
“It’s pretty damn good, so damn good I gave it a perfect score. I love Mark Bloodworth and cannot express enough how perfect his style was for this book. Gary Reed- you know how to write this series, hands down.” ---Horror net
"Deadworld The Last Siesta is the latest entry into the canon and it is another winner." ---Horror World

"The Last Siesta is a movie, done in one action-packed installment. And it feels like a movie..." ---LapTop Zombie

"Last Siesta is a welcome addition to the DW universe and I can not wait for more." ---From the Tomb

An original graphic novel set in the supernatural holocaust of Deadworld! Outside of the dusty and remote town of Juarez, Mexico, new laws have replaced what was once called civilization. One of the wielders of this new law was the mysterious wanderer, Raga, who was known in the whispers swirling around the land as simply, "The Assassin." There was nothing living... or dead, that he hadn't killed. But now he had a new challenge.. the King Zombie and his hoards of zombies. You may be able to kill what's already dead, but how many times?
Written by: Gary Reed and Gary Francis
Illustrated by: Mark Bloodworth.
Black and Whtie, 112 pages, Diamond Order #- JULY110399