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“This comic really rewrites the genre and gives it a breath of fresh air…”
- Unleash the Fanboy 

“You don’t normally see imagery painted with words in comics…”
- Florida Geek Scene

  "...thinking man’s horror done right.” –Comic Bastards  

“An intriguing story line and twist on the standard zombie apocalypse."
- Mighty Ink Comic Reviews “ 

"This is still one of the best zombie comics being made today.”
- Bagged and Boarded Comic Reviews


“…remarkably literate and starkly imaginative, and is a winner in every scene, in every shot, in every line of dialogue.” ”.---The Lottery Party 

“This is a fantastic zombie book.  Makkonen has an insanely terrifying style, the writing is beautiful…it’s like reading a nightmare.” ---Drunk on Comics.
 “War of the Dead is by far the greatest zombie story out there right now. Its atmosphere combined with great characters and gritty art makes this a must-buy. If it’s one mini-series you should be buying, it’s Deadworld: War of the Dead. 5 out of 5” ----Unleash the Fanboy

“This is a deliciously dark comic.” ---Civilian Reader

“It is frightening, haunting, gloomy, grave, and delectably mystifying.” ----Talking Comics

“Reed writes beautifully, even in spite of the garishness of the set and setting. As strong as the writing is, the art is matching the strides with horrific detail and atmosphere. Makkonen is an unstoppable force of creative hellfire energy, and his pages are simply gorgeous”.---The Lottery Party on issue #1 
“Deadworld RULES.  Pick of the Week” .---Third Eye Comics

“This is a really dark zombie story. I really like it, too.”- Comics Round Up

“It is a unique take on the zombie horror genre.”---Comics for Noobs.

“It squeezes in gritty action, deep story-telling, and undead action, on a weekly basis.”---Daniel Alvarez, Unleash the Fanboy 

“Dead World is proving to be a solid 5-issue mini-series with strong writing and big ideas.”---Talking Comics  
“Reed excels at developing strong characters and he does a masterful job of using both the characters and the narrative to tell the story and relate past events.  Sami Makkonen’s art I think is best described as a cross between Locke’s gritty and gruesome detailed work and Ben Templesmith’s abstract design.  It works beautifully! “ ----Mania.com

If you’re new to the series then pick this up! If you’re a fan of the series pick this up!”---Comic Attack.
“This issue had more than I could have ever wanted from a new Deadworld series. The artwork and story are done at such a high level, that you had better get a ladder ready for when this book is in your hands. Hands down a must buy! 5 out of 5.”  ---Decapitated Dan's Reviews

“This book was good, plain and simple, and if you like the Walking Dead, or any other Zombie Comics, you will love this”.---Dennis Barger, Jr. Wonderworld Comics
“Pick of the Week” .---Green Brain Comics
A great comic with literally hundreds of zombies, and an interesting premise.” ---the Rotting Zombie

“It’s a good time to be a Deadworld fan.” --- Laptop Zombie

“This has the promise to be on par with 30 Days of Night and 28 Days later. “ ---Wizard is Oz
“I’m in for issue two of this book. This round goes to Reed, you’ve got me, sir.” ---Amber Unmasked


“It’s pretty damn good, so damn good I gave it a perfect score. I love Mark Bloodworth and cannot express enough how perfect his style was for this book. Gary Reed- you know how to write this series, hands down.” ---Horror net
"Deadworld The Last Siesta is the latest entry into the canon and it is another winner." ---Horror World

"The Last Siesta is a movie, done in one action-packed installment. And it feels like a movie..." ---LapTop Zombie

"Last Siesta is a welcome addition to the DW universe and I cannot wait for more." ---From the Tomb

Deadworld Classics
(and on the original series)
"...amongst the most essential horror titles of the last twenty years." ---Peter Normanton, From the Tomb Magazine
"The best, in my humble opinion, of the zombie comics..." ---Thomas E. Sniegoski, writer of Buffy Vampire Slayer and Batman
“IDW’s first volume of the original epic zombie comic was a must buy for me.” ---Fangoria
 “Deadworld is a grand experiment and really has a special place in the history of horror comics.” —Comic Book Therapy
“This is one of the classic zombie epics and it's great that new fans will be able to enjoy the epic.” ---Yahoo Voices
 “The best of the zombie comics I've read.” --- GoodReads.com
 “Merry mordant fun and well worth stalking…” ---Now Read This!

Deadworld: Requiem for the World

“The writing in Deadworld is very sharp; from the very beginning we are captivated both by action and by character. Gary Reed does a good job with the voiceover throughout this book, and this is the way voiceover is supposed to be written: revealing character and information about the situation. “ ----IGN

“So far this is turning out to be an intriguing story and writer Gary Reed seems to be finding his stride here. His plotting is intricate and the one thing I am enjoying is how all the story beats neatly fall into place. ---Again, I can’t rave enough about this series.” --- Kenneth Gallant, Broken Frontier
“Gary Reed has certainly crafted a truly horrifying story, full of engaging characters, terrifying menaces and an overwhelming sense of hopelessness.” ----Paul Milligan, World’s Heavyweight Comics
“So many other "Dead"-type comics have fallen by the wayside because a weak story, or the weak telling of a good story, and I'm overjoyed to see this has not happened here.” ---Splatterhouse
“I don't care what other people say, Deadworld is the best zombie comic out there. All those others are imitiators of Deadworld as that is the original zombie comic and just because this is a new series, I don't think people should forget that.”    ---Robert Henrion

Deadworld: Dead Killer

“Dead Killer works because Gary Reed is not just a writer but a storyteller, and storytelling is almost a lost art in comics today” .---Tim Janson, Mania.com
"So, what are you waiting for? The brains to be served to you on a silver platter? Go check this innovative and downright entertaining book out. Your life might depend on it one day." ---Steven G. Saunders, Silver Bullet Reviews
“I have never been a huge comic book fan, but works like this certainly make the foray into this realm well worth it.” ---Amazon Vine Voice