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Deadworld: Slaughterhouse

Original Graphic Novel

Welcome to the Deadworld!  In this self contained story arc, many humans find themselves trapped in a world of the walking dead and the living who will do anything to survive.  The promise of Safe Haven reveals a much darker and sinister purpose, when victims find themselves in a medical facility which will stop at nothing to combat the zombie plague.  In an effort to solve the growing plague, researchers try a scientific approach to save mankind---humans as guinea pigs!   Natural diseases such as leprosy, AIDS, and cancer are used to infect the zombies.  Survivors find that the greatest horror may not be the zombies but other humans. To the unfortunate, Safe Haven becomes known as the Slaughterhouse.

Written by:
Gary Reed      

Art by:
Sami Makkonen  
Originally released by Desperado Publishing.

Note: Slaughterhouse is included in the Deadworld Omnibus from IDW.