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Deadworld Checklist

The following is a general checklist of the Deadworld issues  and serves as a guide for the chronology of the series.

Current or “rebooted” Series
Requiem for the World 1-6
Frozen Over 1-4
Slaughterhouse- original graphic novel
War of the Dead 1-5

Restoration 1-5

Deadworld Omnibus- Collects Requiem, Frozen Over, and Slaughterhouse

The Last Siesta-
original graphic novel
Chronicles –original graphic novel
Notes: The Last Siesta and Chronicles (short stories) are stand alone graphic novels not tying specifically to the continuity of the Deadworld saga.

Voices from the Deadworld is a narration of those that have lived and died in Deadworld and is a great primer to cover the entire history of Deadworld.

ORIGINAL or “Classics” Series
Volume One 1-26
Volume Two 1-15
To Kill a King 1-3
Realm of the Dead 1-3
Daemonstorm 1
Tattoo 1-4
King Zombie 1-2

Short Stories From Other Titles
Realm #4, "Black Sabbath" (1st Deadworld story)
Caliber Presents #2, "Doom Patrol" (takes place in between vol.1 #9 & 10)
Caliber Presents #8, "Guns For sale"
A Caliber Christmas, "A Deadworld Christmas In Louisiana"
Calibrations, "City"

Reprint Collections-comics
Deadworld Archives 1-3- reprints issues (vol. 1 #1-3)
Bits & Pieces
: collection of short stories
Dead Tales: collection of back up stories (vol. 1 #10-13)
Dead Killer: collection of back up stories (vol. 1 #19-21)/

Reprint Collections-trade paperbacks
Bits & Pieces: collection of short stories and scenes
Classics 1- collects volume one, issues 1-8
Classics 2- collects volume two, issues 9-16

Deadworld Chronicles- comic series
Based in Deadworld but not officially part of the Deadworld setting
by Del Stone Jr. and Dave Dorman
Dire Wolves by Charles Yates
Necropolis by Mitch Waxman
Plague by Kevin Thomas