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Deadworld: The Dead-killer

A new world...a new kind of killer...



Reviews of Deadworld: The Dead-Killer
“Dead Killer works because Gary Reed is not just a writer but a storyteller, and storytelling is almost a lost art in comics today” .---Tim Janson, Mania.com
"So, what are you waiting for? The brains to be served to you on a silver platter? Go check this innovative and downright entertaining book out. Your life might depend on it one day." ---Steven G. Saunders, Silver Bullet Reviews
“I have never been a huge comic book fan, but works like this certainly make the foray into this realm well worth it.” ---Amazon Vine Voice

A mysterious hunter of the dead who hunts zombies for sport and who challenges himself in this new world of the dead, now turns his sights on King Zombie. One will die. The mysterious man known only as Dead Killer has adapted to the new way of things. He has turned his back to the past and embraces the future...a future where its kill or be killed. A compilation of the chronicles of the Dead-Killer from the mini-series,  "To Kill a King" and the backup stories in Deadworld volume one, 19-21.

Written by:
Gary Reed

Illustrated by:
Ron McCain (Daredevil, Batman)

Originally published by Image Comics in association with Desperado Publishing