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Deadworld: Omnibus

Collecting the storylines of Requiem for the World, Frozen Over, and Slaughterhouse

A chance to get all of the recent Deadworld series together in one volume! Starting with the reboot of Deadworld in “Requiem for the World,” which ran for six issues from Desperado and Image Comics, and continuing into Deadworld: Frozen Over, which moves the desperate battle for survival to a storm-laden New York City. Bringing fans up to date is the complete Deadworld: Slaughterhouse, previously available only in hardcover, which shows that zombies aren’t the only menace in a world plagued by a supernatural holocaust.

Written by:
Gary Reed
with guest writer Mike (Marvel Zombies) Raicht.

Art by:
Vince Locke, original Deadworld artist (also Vertigo's Sandman)
Dalibor Talajic (Marvel's Deadpool, Punisher)
Federico Dallacchio (DC's Green Arrow, Justice League)
Sami Makkonen (Hatter M, Blue)

Published by IDW, Black and White, 264 pages, ISBN: 978-1-60010-858-7
Note: IDW has reported that this book is currently sold out.