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Deadworld has had a lengthy run and featured a number of creators working on the series.  Vince Locke was the original artist but by issue 10, he was already getting work at major companies and was trying to lessen his load while still keeping involved but that proved to be short-lived. 

Here are the major contributors to the series with the most recent list first.

Gary Reed- Gary was the publisher of Caliber Comics and started working on the plots of Deadworld soon after the series moved to Caliber (issue 10).  Eventually, he moved into scripting the series by issue 19 and has been the primary writer since.  The most recent stories from Gary include War of the Dead, Last Siesta, Slaughterhouse, and Requiem for the World which rebooted the franchise.

Sami Makkonen- Sami has illustrated the last two major storylines in the Deadworld continuity with War of the Dead and Slaughterhouse.  He is also the artist on three graphic novels of Hatter M, the comic series from Frank Beddor based on his  NY Times best-selling series, The Looking Glass Wars.  Sami previously illustrated the Blue graphic novel.

Mark Bloodworth- Outside of Gary Reed and Vince Locke, Mark has the longest history with Deadworld.  For the most part, he took over from Locke in the first series for nearly a dozen issues before moving onto Marvel with Clive Barker’s Hellraiser.  Mark returned to Deadworld to illustrate The Last Siesta and won a Ghastly Award for his art on that original graphic novel.

Federico Dallocchi- Federico was chosen as the artist for the mini-series, Frozen Over.  However, he was quickly grabbed by DC Comics where he has been ever since.  Federico drew the first three issues and tried to complete the fourth but just couldn’t fit it so another artist was brought in for the last few pages. For DC, Federico has illustrated Star Craft, Justice League, Green Arrow,  and Suicide Squad also illustrated Captain America for Marvel.

Mike Raicht- Mike was brought in as a guest writer and gave Deadworld a turn in New York City with the Frozen Over series.  Mike has a lengthy resume that includes a number of books from Marvel including X-Men Unlimited and Zombie and has done high profile series such as Army of Darkness, The Dresden Files, Dean Koontz’s Frankenstein, and of course, his creator owned series, The Stuff of Legends.

Dalibor Talajic- Dalibor had the unenviable task of taking over from Vince Locke on the Deadworld reboot series from Image, Requiem for the World.  Dalibor proved up to the task and was geared to becoming the regular artist until he was signed on to do Hunter’s Moon and then moved onto Marvel where he is best known for his work on Deadpool.  He has also illustrated X-Men and other characters for Marvel.

Vince Locke- Deadworld will forever be linked to Vince Locke, the original artist of Deadworld. Although he only fully illustrated the first nine issues plus the two issues of Requiem, it was Vince that established Deadworld.  He also kept involved early on with backups and his fantastic covers.  Vince, of course, moved onto Neil Gaiman’s Sandman, A History of Violence graphic novel, and a number of other projects with DC.

Ron McCain- Ron was brought into illustrate a back up story in the first series about the mysterious Dead Killer.  It proved so popular that Dead Killer received a mini-series, To Kill a King.  Ron has worked for Marvel and DC on such titles as Clive Barker’s Nightbreed, Batman, Superman, and Deathstroke.

Troy Nixey- Troy was one of two artists that led off the second volume of Deadworld but as with many Deadworld artists, left for other projects, although he did return to show his detailed style in the last two issues of volume two.  Troy was chose to illustrate the Neil Gaiman/P.Craig Russell project, Only the End of the World and he also illustrated  joined with Mike Mignola to write and draw, Jenny Finn.

Galen Showman- Galen is best known for illustrating the Renfield series and being the continuity artist on Sinergy, both from Caliber Comics.  He joined Deadworld when volume two was launched.  He has been a long time assistant to P. Craig Russell and contributed to much of Russell’s work as well as penciled projects such as JLA: Age of Wonder and Star Wars.

Phil Hester- Phil has had an incredibly lengthy and varied career including The Darkness, Green Hornet, Godzilla, Vampirella, and Green Arrow.  He closed off the last couple issues of the first volume of Deadworld.

Dan and David Day- The Day Brothers came into Deadworld to launch a mini-series entitled Rise of the Dead but soon after starting the series, they were hired to work on a number of Marvel’s characters so the mini-series was incorporated into the ongoing series.  They gained quite a bit of attention for their elaborate illustrations on The Cases of Sherlock Holmes for Renegade Press.

Chris Morea- Chris was brought in on the second volume and did a couple of issues before moving onto the crossover of The Realm and Deadworld in a miniseries called “Realm of the Dead.”

Stuart Kerr- The original scripter of Deadworld, Stu worked with his writing partner, Ralph Griffith on the initial launch of Deadworld.  The two also were the founders of Arrow Comics which Deadworld, The Realm, and other titles first appeared.  When Arrow folded, Deadworld and The Realm moved to Caliber.  Stu is concentrating on screenwriting and novels although he and Ralph released some 30 issues of OZ.


Gary Francis- The co-author of The Last Siesta, Gary is also the creator and writer of Happy the Clown and Young Dracula which were both illustrated by David Mack.

Ralph Griffith- Co-creator of the original Deadworld with Stu Kerr, Ralph teamed up also to co-create OZ and The Realm in addition to other titles.

Jack Herman- Jack wrote two issues of Deadworld after Caliber took over the series. He is best known for writing The Elementals and Robotech comics.

Jacen Burrows- One of Jason’s earliest work was on the King Zombie mini-series but the series ended with the second issue and Jason moved to Avatar where he’s had a long career illustrated many titles.

Tom Sniegoski
- Tom first worked for Caliber on the Shar-Pei series and wrote the King Zombie series. He is best known in comics for the Buffy the Vampire Slayer and related series, Angel, and of course, Vampierella. He is mostly entrenched in writing novels currently.

James O’barr- The creator of The Crow worked on some of the first Caliber issues of Deadworld with some penciling and inking, although he used the credit line of Johnny Zero. 

Mark Winfrey- Mark was the creator of System Seven and Thrill Kill and assisted on some Deadworld issues.

Volume One Contributors (by Issue #)
1-9         Kerr, Locke
10-11     Herman, Locke, O'Barr
12-14     Reed, Locke, Bloodworth
15-         Reed, Bloodworth, Parrish, Locke
16-         Bloodworth, Parrish, Locke
17-         Bloodworth, Daly, Locke
18-         Bloodworth, Day, Daly, Locke
19-         Reed, Bloodworth, Day, Winfrey, McCain
20-         Reed, Winfrey, Day, McCain
21-         Reed, Bloodworth, Day, McCain
22-23     Reed, Bloodworth, Day
24          Reed, Day, Yates
25-26     Reed, Hester, Locke
26          Reed, Hester, Locke

Volume Two Contributors (by Issue #)
1-4         Reed, Nixey, Showman
5-6         Reed, Torres, Showman
7            Reed, Torres, Morea
8-           Reed, Torres, Pride, Morea
9-10       Reed, Torres, Moore
11          Reed, Torres
12          Reed, Winfrey, Maztal, Grania
13          Reed, Winfrey, Morea, Turner, Murphy
14-15     Reed, Nixey

To Kill a King
1-3       Reed, McCain

Realm of the Dead
1-3       Reed, Morea

1-4       Griffith, Kerr, Jacobsen, Baumgarter, Hillsman, Larson, Varney, Mikolajczyk

King Zombie
1-2       Sniegoski, Burrows

Daemonstrom Special
1          Dows, Clayton, Wetherell, Gil,  Hillsman, Brasfield, and others.

Requiem for the World
1-2       Reed, Locke
3-6       Reed, Talajic

Frozen Over
1-3       Raicht, Dallocchi
4          Raicht, Dallocchi, Ortiz

GN-      Reed, Dows, Clayton, Kerr, Gabard, Beckett, Bloodworth, Bryan, Reid, Augusto, Peka

GN-      Reed, Makkonen

War of the Dead
1-5       Reed, Makkonen